100 Days of Happy: Day 7

Today, Aubrianna rolled over at some ridiculous hour in the morning (okay, like 7 am) and felt around for me.  “Mommy!” she shouted when she found me.  “You’re with me Mommy, sleeping with me.  I love you, Mommy.”  She happily snuggled up to me and fell back asleep.

Is it difficult living in an RV? I get asked a lot.  It’s so small.  There’s hardly any space.  You must be with each other all the time!  It might seem small, but really, it’s not.  There’s a decent amount of space, until Aubrianna throws her toys all over the place.  But she’d do the same thing in a larger house too, I’m sure, and she would likely have more toys to throw all over the place.

And we are with each other all the time.  Aubrianna is pretty much with me 24/7.  There’s a few hours at night when she sleeps, but that’s it (I wish we were with Mike more, but right now he’s working some crazy hours so we can spend a few months not working). But… this little baby doesn’t exist anymore, and never will again.  And soon, this little two year old that cuddles up with me in the middle of the night will want her own bed, her own room, her own apartment, likely somewhere very far away if she is like either of her parents.

So for now, I’ll take the small space, the cuddles, the love.  Little house, lots of love.


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