100 Days of Happy: Day 8

It took me a really long time to write this post.  It was hard to think of anything happy today.

Aubrianna complained of pain in her neck all day.  I cuddled with her and read books, let her watch way more TV than I ever do, tried essential oils, even gave her medicine.  Nothing.  She kept crying and saying her neck hurt.  All she wanted to do was lay on me and whine.

After a trip to a chiropractor who misread some xrays, we ended up in the emergency room.  A few more scans, a throat swab, and some more medicine later, Aubrianna was actually feeling better and we were told everything was fine, not the emergency the chiro had led me to believe.

Hard day.  Long day.  I was unable to reach Mike at work, which made it all the worse.  Someone did get a message through to him that I was at the ER with Aubrianna, which I am sure did not make his day very wonderful either.

Happy today?  When I was unable to reach Mike, I reached out to a fellow RVer to ask if her husband could get a message to him.  When I told her the message, she offered her van and her son’s car seat to get Aubrianna to the doctor, and later the ER.  Happy is the community of RVers.  It’s amazing the friends you can make, the community you can find in people you have only known for a short time.  There are some wonderful people out here on the road!


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