Brookgreen Gardens

The rain finally stopped and we were able to make it out today! This was the one place I really wanted to see while we were in this part of South Carolina (other than the state park we are staying at).
Brookgreen Gardens is gorgeous and huge! There was a sculpture garden that looked pretty amazing, but time and cold drove us out before I got to see much of it.
We spent the majority of the time in the zoo that was situated on 23 acres of the park. We arrived just in time for the feeding and tour, and since the rain had kept everyone else in we had our own private tour! The guide was a volunteer who spent much of his time taking care of the animals, which are all animals that cannot live in the wild for one reason or another (either they have been injured or imprinted on humans for some reason). The setting was beautiful- it really looked more like a park or a garden than a zoo. Even Mike enjoyed it, and he’s been “zoo-ed out” since we purchased our AZA pass.

Definitely somewhere I would like to visit again, especially if we are ever in the area during their festival of a thousand lights during the holidays!


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