Hunting Island State Park, SC

Another gorgeous beach in coastal South Carolina. Unfortunately, it was pretty cold the entire time we were here, but I guess I can’t complain too much compared to the weather in most of the rest of the country.

We spent quite a bit of time here walking the beach. Aubrianna loves to play in the sand, and only a couple of times complained that the ocean was “taking the sand away.” We explained to her that it actually brings up more sand, and she seems to be a little more comfortable with it… for now.

One of the very unique things about the beach are all the boneyards- areas where dead trees have washed up in the sand. It’s very unique and interesting to walk through. We hiked today through an area that looked like it must have been hit by a hurricane. Trees everywhere and the remains of a torn up road. It’s pretty awe-inspiring to see the devastation that nature can really do.


When we planned our trip here, the lighthouse- the only public-accessible lighthouse in SC- was one of the big draws for me. So, our first full day here we got up, found a trail map, and set out to hike to the lighthouse. It seemed like an easy hike, until we got out on the trail and found out that there were ridiculous ponds to cross. We weaved our way through the forest, just to get to the lighthouse and find out that anyone under 44 inches is not allowed in AND you need to have $2 cash in order to buy a ticket to climb it. That information would have been helpful to people who never carry cash, especially when they are hiking!
I came back the next day, alone, and was able to climb it. The views were pretty cool and the 167 steps weren’t bad, but I would not want to do it daily with a 50 lb tub of oil to light the lamp.


The beaches here were also great to find shells and other cool things. Aubrianna brought bags and pockets full home each night, but some of the cooler things we saw were living sand dollars and horseshoe crab shells.


We are off in search in warmer weather. See you in Florida!




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