The Magic of Disney

Since we were only going to be about 30 minutes away from Disney World, we debated quite a bit about taking Aubrianna. She LOVES Mickey & Minnie and the gang, but really does not know many of the other characters. Was she too young to go? Would she be able to do much? Would the exorbitant price tag be worth it?

We decided to do just one day and get as much as we could out of that day, and it was really a magical day! Aubrianna was so excited about going to see Mickey at Disney World that she woke up at 6:30 am when we were getting ready. It was about to be a really long day for her!

We planned to arrive by 8:30 am to have plenty of time to get our tickets from Will Call and get into the park by the time they opened at 9 am…. little did we know that 8:30 am would only put us in the city of Disney, complete with its own 4 lane interstate. From there, we’d have to find the parking lot, take a train to the dock, and board a ferry across the channel to get to Disney World! Still, we got there shortly after they opened and started on our day of adventure.

We had already decided to spend our morning in Fantasyland, as most of the rides that she could do and would enjoy were in that area. It was a pretty good plan; we were able to do Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Under the Sea, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Enchanted Tails with Belle, The Barnstormer, and meet Cinderella, Rapunzel, Minnie, and Daisy before our lunch reservation.

After Aubrianna pretty much refused to eat her lunch, opting instead to just drink water and milk, we were ready to set back out into the park. We left the restaurant just in time to catch the afternoon parade. We went through the Swiss Family Treehouse in Adventureland and learned that The Magic Carpets of Aladdin was closed for a few weeks (boo!), so we headed to Tomorrowland. By this time, she was visibly tired and the Tula came in very handy, but she perked up whenever we got on a ride. She rode the Tomorrowland Speedway with her dad, giggling every time the car bumped the track, and flew in the Astro Orbiter.

Just enough time for ice cream before our appointment to see Mickey! He talked, which none of the other animated characters did, and I think it freaked her out. She stood, starstruck, and refused to say a word to Mickey. We swooped in to see Tinkerbell next and she was still excited to see her, but refused to let go of my hand the entire time.


We finished the night with the Electrical Parade, Peter Pan’s Flight, and It’s a Small World. As we left the last ride, we noticed fireworks and I hurried out to try to see them. Aubrianna was terrified and cried and yelled at the fireworks to stop, so we decided it was time to go. Little bug was so tired she actually fell asleep on Mike’s back. It’s been quite a while since that’s happened!


All in all, it was a pretty magical day. She loved the characters and the rides. It was so fun to watch her experience her first roller coaster and rides and see all of her “friends” from TV!




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