The Wind Opens Up Your Wings

It has been so long since I have shared anything about our journey, but in processing these recent changes I find myself needing to write.

It has been a crazy two years on the road. Two years, I cannot even believe it has been that long. Two years, twenty-two states, and about 50,000 miles on our truck. Probably a few hundred or so more on foot. When we set out on this journey I had no idea where it would take us, and I could not have imagined where we would finally land. I still do not know.

About a month ago, we got some news that changed our path. We had already been talking about settling somewhere for awhile, finding community, finding a home. There are so many things we love about the road, but the absence of community is hard. We have met some great people but, at the end of the day, we all have our own roads to travel. I value deep, meaningful friendships, but I am not an easy person to truly get to know. The brief interactions we have with people always leaving me wondering, wanting more, and there are some people who I think I would truly connect with, if only there was time….

So, rather than spending a lot of money fixing some problems, we decided to follow a new path. We got rid of the truck and our fifth wheel, moved all of our stuff into boxes and a storage unit, and now…

And now, we still are unsure. Unlike many people who live this life for a short time, we really do not have a place that we call home to go back to. The place where I was raised has not been home for many, many years. My husband feels the same about his birthplace. We met in Hawaii, and that was home at one point, but going back is complicated and although we hope to someday, we both know now is not the time.

It has been a difficult month, full of quite a bit of uncertainty, and there is quite a bit more to come. Creating your life, rather than following a prescribed plan, is such an interesting road and there are so many unexpected detours and so many paths to choose from. I am so grateful for all the lessons of the last two years, the most salient of which is so relevant right now: let go and follow the road. This is leading us somewhere, I am sure of it, and our family is ready for a new adventure.

When we know what is next, we will let you know. For now, we are jumping into the wind, hoping it opens up our wings.

This  video crossed my path tonight. I hope it is as inspirational for you as it was for me.  Mary Oliver


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